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Kinfolk: How this Customer wears the Warning Tunic by Orange Culture

This week, we’re back with a new installment of our Kinfolk series where we feature different and dedicated customers of The Folklore who have taken pride in their purchases and let us know about it by tagging us on Instagram. Kinfolk is an invaluable opportunity for us to talk to our customers and learn about their favorite designers, the pieces they love, and how their personal style connects them to The Folklore, by letting them tell their stories, in their own words. Our Kinfolk this week

Orange Culture Designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal on What Pride Means to Him

After starting Orange Culture in 2011, creative director and designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal has constantly been working to create universal and androgynous garments that combine traditional Nigerian patterns and modern styles that give the wearer the freedom to tell the story they choose to the world. With his designs, Oke-Lawal hopes to advocate for and provide representation and visibility to anyone who feels that their voice isn’t being heard. His collection for SS21, “The Faces in the Cloud”, w

7 Inspiring Advocates Creating Space for LGBTQIA+ Representation Online

One of the great benefits that social media provides is representation to many underrepresented groups of people from all over the world. It is so important and comforting to see other individuals that look like you or have similar traits or interests on Instagram. The LGBTQIA+ community is large and continuously growing, with people of different races, religious beliefs and ethnicities among its number. From the United States to the UK, there are men, women, non-binary individuals and so many m

7 British Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

The growing number of influencers on Instagram may seem daunting or overwhelming, but the wide variety of them provide the social media audience with different tips and aesthetics as they often focus on interactivity and engagement. Many fashion and style influencers collaborate with other brands and provide transparency regarding what they do and what they wear. In a big city such as London, there are plenty of people who want to share their lifestyles and interests with a global audience, whi

20 African Fashion Brands You Should Know About

As editorial assistants for The Folklore, we have come to learn that African fashion is just as diverse as the continent itself. The Folklore, an online concept store founded by Amira Rasool in 2018, has become a hub for discerning shoppers looking for high-end and emerging African fashion and design brands. Created with the aim of reflecting the diversity of Africa's contemporary urban landscapes and unique design aesthetic, The Folklore enhances the visibility of the continent's thriving fashi

Galerie Lakaye: The Black-Owned Gallery in LA Putting Haitian Art on the Map

Every year, Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated in May, in the United States, to recognize the culture, history and legacy of the Caribbean country. It’s an annual opportunity for Haitians and members of the diaspora to rejoice in the rich culture, distinct art and delicious food of Haiti and its people, without needing a passport. One of the many contributions that Haiti has made to the world is in the form of art. Haitian art, due to its depictions of African roots and strong Indigenous influ

Our Folklore: Kanyinsola Onalaja on Reinterpreting African Craft for the Modern World

Growing up in Nigeria, Kanyinsola Onalaja did not always have dreams of working in fashion. When she left for school in England, she believed that she would go to Cambridge University and become a lawyer. For her, design was just a creative outlet after her mother taught her to draw and exposed her to the textile industry. Eventually, she realized her passion and decided to study fashion in London at the Istituto Marangoni and 3D pattern cutting at Accademia di Costume E Moda in Rome. Kanyinsola

Introducing a First Look at Fruché’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection, Ibeji

In Yoruba culture, twins are coveted as royalty, and their births are seen as blessings. Ibeji is the name used for an Orisha, or a spirit, representing a pair of twins, and their statues were worshipped just as twins born in Yoruba land were. The firstborn of the twins is known as Taiyewo, or Taiwo, and the second is known as Kehinde. Growing up in Lagos, Fruché’s creative director and designer Frank Aghuno and his twin brother, Dricky, experienced the superior treatment firsthand. “People wou

Nigerian Designer Andrea Iyamah on the African Roots Behind Her SS21 Harvest Collection

Over the past decade, Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah has cultivated a brand that not only celebrates her African roots but aims to cater to all adventurous women around the world. The eponymous Andrea Iyamah (A.I.) brand produces everything from resort and swimwear to accessories and other ready-to-wear items using bold colors and retro classic silhouettes. The designs draw from ethnic culture and nature, paying close attention to quality and detail, while trying to add a modern

Say No to White Feminism

From a young age, we are told to never exclude anyone, whether it’s with playing games on the playground or picking teams for kickball in gym class. But the importance of inclusivity is often a continuous learning experience for me. I say that because I’ve learned to include the people who I know and that surround me, but I wouldn’t even think about those I didn’t know or who didn’t live the same life as me. That was just a convoluted way of saying that inclusivity is only influential and benef

Kinfolk: How this Customer wears the Organza Print Shirt by Atto Tetteh

This week, we are happy to bring to you a new and exciting series on The Folklore – Kinfolk. We will be featuring some of The Folklore’s dedicated shoppers, who have proudly shown off their new purchases on Instagram and tagged us to let us know. We are taking this opportunity to talk to our customers and learn about their favorite pieces, the designers they love, and how their personal style connects them to The Folklore, by letting them tell their stories, in their own words. Our first Kinfo

Hooking Up in a Pandemic: Will it Ever Be Safe?

For those of us who had to go into quarantine alone when COVID-19 hit last year, we had to learn to adapt to a whole new culture for casual dating and hook ups. It was no longer safe to leave the house, let alone go out and meet up with people that you hadn’t been in constant contact with during the pandemic. I have been stuck, asking myself the same question over the past few months: Will I ever feel comfortable with hook up culture again? To be completely fair, I have never been comfortable w

Black-owned businesses struggle amid the pandemic

Amid the global Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, Black-owned businesses have faced new challenges, including many in the Hempstead and Uniondale areas, and experts say heightened community awareness and support are what is needed to keep them going. Sydney Perry, owner of Sydney’s Sweets, a custom cake and dessert shop in West Hempstead, struggled with running her business and caring for her 7-year old son. “In the midst of working without our usual staff capaci