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Say No to White Feminism

From a young age, we are told to never exclude anyone, whether it’s with playing games on the playground or picking teams for kickball in gym class. But the importance of inclusivity is often a continuous learning experience for me. I say that because I’ve learned to include the people who I know and that surround me, but I wouldn’t even think about those I didn’t know or who didn’t live the same life as me. That was just a convoluted way of saying that inclusivity is only influential and benef

Hooking Up in a Pandemic: Will it Ever Be Safe?

For those of us who had to go into quarantine alone when COVID-19 hit last year, we had to learn to adapt to a whole new culture for casual dating and hook ups. It was no longer safe to leave the house, let alone go out and meet up with people that you hadn’t been in constant contact with during the pandemic. I have been stuck, asking myself the same question over the past few months: Will I ever feel comfortable with hook up culture again? To be completely fair, I have never been comfortable w

My Quarantine Playlist

Since I was just in the New York City area packing up my dorm, my mom has put our entire family under a two-week quarantine, so I've been looking for different things to do while I'm stuck in the house. One of my favorite past times is making playlists on Spotify; I love coming up with silly names and knowing that I can always come back and listen to it later on. I am also a big fan of late-night dance parties in my bedroom when everyone else in the house is sleeping. With my headphones on, musi

Why a Stereotypical Spring Break is Unrealistic and Overrated

Maybe this is the junior (basically senior) coming out of me, but I’ve recently realized that I’m over the hype of spring break. To be fair, I never really had a Miami Beach, Caribbean Island-style spring break trip that left me tan and happily tired, but I have been fortunate enough to travel the past few years to visit friends, and let me tell you, it’s expensive. Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus Coronavirus aside for now, the idea of spring break has caused me more stress than I would like to admi

How to Best Handle a Social Media Addiction

Social media has become a big part of all of our lives. It's hard to go a day without using Instagram or Twitter to check the news or see what our friends are up to. Addiction is a strong word to use when talking about social media consumption, but it's important to recognize the amount of time we spend looking at posts and scrolling through feeds. I have caught myself on my Instagram's "Explore" page for hours at a time, unsure of how I even got to an account that only posts quotes from the TV

8 Style Icons of 2019 (So Far)

I am going to be honest and say that I have never really taken a good hard look at Céline Dion and the clothes that she wears. After seeing her on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, I realized how awesome this woman really is. She talked all about her shoes, and I am so jealous of the warehouse space that she has for them. Every time I see her at award shows or on social media, I am reminded of her ability to make something that is so over-the-top look completely chic and casual.

Why You Should Be Listening to Lizzo During This Back to School Season (And All The Time)

Hot Girl Summer might be coming to a close, but one of the biggest music stars right now Lizzo is embracing something she likes to call Fat Girl Fall. Her biggest song, “Truth Hurts” just reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite officially released back in 2017. Many people are saying this late success is due to the revolutionary messages that Lizzo professes in her songs: messages of self-confidence and independence, things we should all be embracing this coming semester. It isn’t hard to t

7 Summer Trends That Are Still IN This Semester

I always like to say that even if you don't wear these items that I have deemed trendy, that doesn't mean you don't know how to style your own clothes. Everyone has their own personal style, but it's always interesting to see the sorts of things that many people often wear. Don't be afraid to break these trends, but if you are feeling nostaglic for summer 2019, these seven pieces will help you reminicse, but still start preparing for the fall. All images from the Instagrams of American Eagle, F

My Outfit Does NOT Dictate Consent

Labeling a woman’s clothing as revealing or “suggestive” diminishes her self-confidence and comfortability in her own body. When we go out to concerts, parties or any other public place, we want to put on the clothes that make us feel the most comfortable and empowered. Not all women find confidence in the same attire (some prefer mini-skirts and dresses, while others don’t like to show that much skin), but they should never be subject to assumptions about their sexual availability simply becaus

How To Cope When You Politically Disagree With Your Family

It’s bound to happen: you and your family will disagree on something, and it will cause tension. Some of the most common arguments that come up in a family have to do with politics, which are already messy without the help of your aunts and uncles differing opinions. It’s silly to let something such as political views to get between you and those you love most, so here are some reminders when this dreaded topic pops up at dinner. In all honesty, it might seem best to avoid politics at any famil

This is What You Need To Throw The Best Galentine's Day Party

If there is a day to celebrate love, shouldn’t there be a day to celebrate friendship? Your gal pals deserve just as much attention as your significant other does this February. Galentine’s Day, commonly celebrated on February 13th, is an important holiday that needs to be done right - here’s how you should do it. Whether it’s a nostalgic sleepover or a fancy meal at your group’s favorite restaurant, there are so many options for planning a great Galentine’s Day party. If you want to get specif

Periods SUCK. Here's how to make them a little better.

We all know what’s it like: you wake up one morning, or go to the bathroom in the middle of class, only find that Mother Nature has brought us her monthly gift. Every female has different experiences with their periods, but we can all agree that they are a pain in the butt. I’m here to share my tips and tricks for getting through the parts of the menstrual cycle that really suck. There are lots of products and home remedies that are used to help us through periods, specifically through cramps a

Why It Is Important For Celebrities To Get Involved In Politics

In this country, we are all entitled to our own political opinions/beliefs. We all have a lot to say when it comes to political and social issues because they often directly affect us and the people around us. I believe if you have a platform where you can share what you believe then you should take advantage of that to make a positive change. Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, giving them access to the perfect platform for political and social change. In the past, the best place to g

Where To Buy Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Is it possible to live without denim in our lives? Let's be real, we all own at least one pair of jeans. They have been a staple of everyday fashion since the 1950s-60s, and they were considered working clothes in the decades before. I think I am right in assuming that we all own a couple pairs of jeans for different styling and comfort purposes, but mostly we own them for the hope of finding the perfect pair. The meaning of "perfect denim" is different for everyone, but hopefully, the following

Global Citizen Festival Preview

Since 2011, an organization called Global Citizen has been advocating for the equality of human rights. They are combating anything that could stand in the way of everyone receiving the rights and respect that they deserve. This organization aims to inform caring and engaged citizens on the specific issue of extreme poverty, but their mission includes solving any problem that is presented under impoverished conditions. They enable “Global Citizens” to learn about extreme poverty all around the w

What's In My School Bag?

It’s that time of year again! Whether you're ready or not, classes have started. We have to say goodbye to sunglasses and beach bags and hello to headphones and backpacks. Jumping right into a new semester can be stressful and overwhelming, but not if you know how to equip yourself properly. Here are the items that you will find in my school bag from school supplies to everyday necessities. In order to be ready for my actual classes, I carry the following: • My laptop: I never go anywhere witho

6 Effortless and Cute Finals Week Hairstyles

Finals week is a stressful time when one of the last things you are thinking about is your appearance. Your clothing choices consist of whatever you can find quickly so that you can grab some much-needed food or get back to studying. And I know for myself at least, the only thoughts given to my hair is if it's clean or not. I am here to tell you that despite your lack of time there are still ways to look cute during your finals without having to exert too much effort. Here are six potential hair

Your Guide to Studying "Smart" this Finals Season

Finals season is upon us and it’s time to prepare ourselves for papers and exams that are closing in. We will all try cramming in a whole semester's worth of knowledge into one night or, focus too much on studying for Political Science when we should have been studying for Astronomy. This is a stressful and confusing time that is hard for anyone to manage. I cannot say there is one definite trick that will work for every final and for every person, but there are a few different things that you c
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